Go With The Flow (original videoclip) // DISTORMED


I'm J.C. Wardenaar, graduated as "Artist (Music Executive)" [MBO4] at the Herman Brood academy in Utrecht in 2010 and I'm an experienced and passionate musician, having a great network in the music industry.

I've been touring in the Netherlands but also internationally (BE, DE, CH, IT) with live/songwriting/pop/rock bands like: Flight195 (2005-2008), Memphis Lion (2008-2010), Rouge United (2012-2017), and a new band DISTORMED (2017-present).

I've been on several radio and TV stations like: 3FM, Radio 538, The Voice of Holland 2 (2011), Le Dan Late Show (2016) and some smaller radio stations in the Netherlands and in Europe.

Recorded some videoclips with several projects like: King Locust (Soylent Green), Rouge United (On A Ride, What We Live For & more), Akkefiets (Akke de Cowboy).

Did some (live- and/or studio-)cooperations with producers, colleagues musicians/artists/bands like: Oscar Holleman, Nicolas Toussaint, Tom Sikkers, Harry Holzhauer, Paul Gutteling, Jeroen Hoogenboom, Trush Morsink, Akkefiets (de Voorhoede), King Locust, Jeremy Waterloo (dr. Moon, WU TANG), Mendel bij der Leij (Aborted), Lex Bekkernens (Tourette on Tour), treekillaz" (Switzerland), Dog Eat Dog (USA) and many others.

I've been a jury member several times with some (local) band competitions like Popsport Arnhem & Kunstbende Limburg.


Go With The Flow (acoustic version) // DISTORMED

Johnny Boy (live) // Rouge United

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